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    International Trade Regulatory Consultants, Burlington, ON
    International Trade Regulatory Consultants, Burlington, ON
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    International Trade Regulatory Consultants mission is to ensure that clients comply with all regulations surrounding the movement of their products, technology and supplies across international borders. We emphasize fostering partnerships and creating a structure that contributes the greatest profit to our clients. This incorporates all aspects of import, export, international transportation, compliance and global trade.

    how can we help?

    What is your business need? Faster border clearance? Mitigation of risk and avoidance of penalties? Minimization of costs (customs brokerage, duties, transportation, and taxes)? Our solutions take into consideration each of these factors, listening to your specific requirements, to create a customized approach that will be the most cost effective for your company.

  • our clients

    The objective of ITR Consultants is to create best in class international trade compliance programs for our clients, allowing them to minimize their risk, maximize their profits, and focus on their core business. This is achieved through the review of process gap analysis, the development of risk profiles, the creation of training programs with benchmarked knowledge assessments, and the implementation of standardized processes.

    International Trade Regulatory Consultants, Burlington, ON

    The size of our clients businesses, as well as their core competencies, directly impacts our approach. Small and medium sized enterprises (SMEs) moving into the global market will require a holistic assessment to determine resource requirements for the trade compliance function. Larger companies having robust trade compliance operations will require our services on a project basis, to fulfill a temporary resource need or address regulatory change. ITR Consultants has the expertise to effectively manage trade compliance initiatives for both types of organizations.

  • Small and medium sized enterprises

    Depending on the needs of the client, ITR Consultants can create customized import and export resources that allow their personnel and management to feel confident that they have the knowledge and are up to date on industry specific regulations and regulatory change.

    This could include:

    • training of existing personnel,
    • updates on regulatory change that will impact their business,
    • development of export documentation templates within their existing operating systems,
    • preparation for trusted trader programs,
    • creation of export and import databases that satisfy regulatory requirements, and
    • checklists that allow for post import/export compliance audits

    ITR Consultants can also take on any or all of the trade compliance function on a freelance basis. Our services are customizable.

  • large corporations

    With the assumption that larger companies will have a trade compliance in-house presence in some form, changing regulations often lead to big projects requiring additional expertise and resources.

    These projects could include:

    • development of training programs for existing and newly hired personnel as evidence to regulators that internal import and export policies are being adhered to,
    • the creation of a Customs Compliance Manual,
    • performance of an external compliance and duty refund audit,
    • development of process maps and gap analysis or
    • a risk assessment matrix.

  • our expertise

    Michelle Cotton is the principal Trade Compliance Manager at ITR Consultants. She uses her technical knowledge of global trade and 27 years experience to guide ITR´s clients to the best solutions for compliance in their international trade operations.

    Michelle began her customs career in 1986 working in the service sector with two Toronto customs brokerage firms before starting her ten year tenure at McMaster University leading the Customs & Traffic Department. After McMaster she consulted in the public and service industries through MC Logistics Consultants. From 2000 to 2012 she directed Bunge Canada´s trade compliance team as Senior Manager, Customs Compliance.

    Michelle is a nominated member of the Management by Account task force, a Trade Facilitation Subcommittee of the

    Commercial Operations Advisory Committee to U.S. Customs and Border Protection (CBP). She attended meetings with CBP in Washington and via teleconference to provide her expertise and input into policy changes which resulted in the Center of Excellence and Expertise and Account Executive pilot projects.

    Working with Michelle when required on individual projects is a network of trade compliance professionals that are chosen based on their business experience, industry specific qualifications and proven results.

    Michelle Cotton, International Trade Regulatory Consultants
  • our services

    Customs Program
    Developing an effective Customs compliance program is not just about avoiding delays at the border or eliminating duty on imports; it is also about reducing the costs of complying with customs requirements.

    Customs authorities are offering simplified processes to importers in exchange for trade and security partnership agreements. The potential costs savings are significant. We can manage these Trusted Trader Programs on our clients´ behalf.

    We offer the following services, customizable to your company.

    Regulatory Agencies
    These agencies do not have the resources to watch every shipment that crosses the border to ensure that the importer has complied with the laws that are in place. As a result, they implemented penalty regimes that identify the importer as being responsible for doing their due diligence to comply with the regulations.

    Duty minimization is obviously important, but the cost savings that come from knowing the regulations, having the systems in place that will allow importers to avoid penalties and take advantage of trusted trader programs are not as transparent and potentially much more significant.

    International Trade Regulatory Consultants, Training Knowledge
  • our import services

    ITR Consultants import services include the following:

    • North America Free Trade Agreement
    • Other Free Trade Agreements
    • Trusted Trader Programs: PIP, PIC, CSA, C-TPAT, ISA
    • Customs Rulings
    • Customs Database
    • Supplier Management
    • Customs Broker Contract Negotiations
    • Provisional Entries
    • Sufferance and Bonded Warehouse Management
    • CFIA Import Regulations
    • Harmonized Tariff Classification
    • Valuation

  • our export services

    ITR Consultants export services include the following:

    • North America Free Trade Agreement
    • Other Free Trade Agreements
    • Incoterms 2010
    • Deemed Exports
    • Denied Parties Screening
    • Duty Drawbacks
    • Harmonized Tariff Classification
    • Export Reporting: CAED and AES Expertise
    • Export Controls
    • DFAIT and BIS

  • our international freight services

    ITR Consultants International Freight Services include the following:

    • Cost Benefit Mode Analysis
    • Freight Payment Audit
    • Transportation Tender Negotiations
    • Equipment Utilization Studies
    • Consolidation
    • Sourcing of Freight Forwarders

  • our compliance services

    ITR Consultants Compliance Services include the following:

    • Recordkeeping Requirements
    • Process Mapping
    • CustomTraining Programs with Knowledge Assessment
    • Gap Analysis
    • Risk Assessment
    • Standard Operating Procedures
    • Compliance Manual
    • Trusted Trader Program Management
    • Compliance Audits
    • Customs Broker ⁄ Freight Forwarder Management
    • Establishment of Control Activities

  • our global trade services

    ITR Consultants Global Trade Services include the following:

    • Denied Party Screening
    • Export Classification
    • Free Trade Agreements
    • Incoterms 2010
    • FCPA and Corruption of Foreign Public Officials Act
    • Export Controls
    • Compliance Audits

  • our training services

    ITR Consultants Training Services include the following:

    • Export Documentation
    • NAFTA
    • Trade Compliance
    • Incoterms
    • FCPA
    • Corruption of Foreign Public Officials Act
    • H.S. Classification and Explanatory Notes
    • Compliance Audit Process
    • Customized Programs to Suit Your Requirements

  • International Trade Regulatory Consultants, Burlington, ON

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